Selecting an exterior paint sheen fort myers fl

Selecting An Exterior Paint Sheen

Selecting An Exterior Paint Sheen

Some homeowners may consider a paint finish to be all about the shine of the paint and the curb appeal of your property; however, paint sheen is also important for the durability of the paint, how easy it is to clean the painted surface, and how the paint performs, as well.  Choosing the best paint sheen for your exterior paint project is very important.  Below, you will find a list of the varying sheens and the distinct qualities of each.

-Flat Sheen:  Flat finish is going to absorb light; therefore, it hides imperfections easily and provides for a great color experience.  It is also easy to touch-up, when needed, because the finish is easy to match with the existing flat one.  Flat finish works well on exterior surfaces, such as; wooden fences, wood or vinyl siding, and brick.  It is not easy to clean, however, because the paint can be affected quite easily.

-Satin/Eggshell Sheen:  This finish has a slight glossy appearance and will hide imperfections pretty well.  It is easier to clean than the flat sheen and will stand the test of time better, too.  This sheen works nicely on almost any type of exterior surface.

-Semigloss Sheen:  This is more durable than Flat or Satin finishes, and will resist moisture and stains that may occur, due to a harsh outdoor environment.  This sheen works great for trim work, window panes, doors, shutters, and outdoor furniture.

-High Gloss Sheen:  This is the glossiest of all of the sheens and should be used sparingly.  High gloss is dirt and grime repellant and will add to the brilliance of the paint color; however, it will also show every imperfection of the painted surface, in depth.  High gloss works nicely on doors, trim work, and shutters.

Painting the exterior of your home is an important project that requires attention to detail and a great sense of responsibility.  It is a project that should last you for many years to come, so choose your paint color, and your paint sheen, wisely and thoughtfully. Contact the experts at Noel Painting for the best results!

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