Should a Door be Used as a Decorative Statement?

Whether you are breaking up a large wall, emphasizing an architectural feature, or expressing your personality, painting a door can be a great way to add some color to a room in your house.

A painted door can easily serve as an accent wall; however, painting a door should be done with care as the color can easily chop up a small space and not allow the room to flow appropriately. Here are some residential painting tips to help you determine if a door should be the same color as the wall it sits on or if it can be properly used as a decorative statement in your home:

The Size of a Room 

Painting the door in a room a bright or accented color will automatically bring attention to the door. This may not necessarily be a good thing in smaller spaces as the door can easily break up a room. If the door is located in a small room, you may want to choose the solid wall as your accent wall, instead, to add some color.

Where the Door is Placed

This can also easily cause a door that is painted a different color to awkwardly break up a room. The room wouldn’t properly flow if the door placed in the corner of a wall or at the end of a hallway is painted an accentuating color. In this case, you may want to stick with the original wall color to keep a seamless look.

Type of Paint

No matter whether you keep the color the same as the wall the door is sitting on or if you paint it a different color, some paints may help maintain the seamless look of the door better than others. Doors and the trim around them are some of the most touched areas in a house; therefore, they tend to get effortlessly dirty. Paint that has some sheen is easier to wipe down than flat paint. Semi-gloss paint also helps highlight the door a little bit without going overboard. If you decide to give your door a bold color instead, match it to the room’s décor. Bright colors have a modern edge, black with pale gray or tan has a minimalistic look, pastel yellow and light aqua has a shabby chic-look, etc. It is a great rule of thumb that colors presented together in nature, go well together as paint and décor colors.

Wallpaper Surrounds the Door

So what if the wall that the door sits on is covered in wallpaper instead of paint? Well, allow the wallpaper to be a big deciding factor when it comes to the door color. If you are wanting to make a bold statement, pull the darkest color in the wallpaper pattern and match the door to it while painting the trim around the door the lightest color in the wallpaper pattern. If you are wanting something a little less bold, match both the door and the trim to the lightest color of the wallpaper.

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