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Should You Stain Or Paint Your Fence Or Deck?

Should You Stain Or Paint Your Fence Or Deck?

Is your wooden fence or deck looking a little beat up from the weather? Are you wanting to give your landscaping/yard a new look? Painting or staining your wooden fence or deck can not only help it last longer by protecting it against rot, insects, weather, etc., it will also spruce up your yard with a new finish! So should you use a stain or paint? Both will help protect the wood from weather damage and preserve the life of the fence; however, there are some pros and cons to weigh.

Stain saturates wood a lot better than paint, meaning that the wood will absorb stain better than paint.  In turn, instead of chipping and peeling like paint with time, stain will just fade.

Harsh weather also plays a huge role in the lifetime of the paint or stain. Stain again will just fade over time where harsh weather can cause paint to peel in as little as less than a year after application.

Another factor is the type of wood your fence is made out of. Cedar, for example, does not take to paint well. Cedar needs to breathe and paint restricts that from happening. This will in turn reduce the lifespan of the fence overall.

Another great thing about stain is that it isn’t limited to a natural, brown color. Stains come in vibrant colors as well as clear allowing both the natural look and feel of the wood or your favorite shade of purple.

Stain does have a downside, however – it can be costlier upfront. Many times, stain requires more coats than paint, increasing materials and labor. It also requires regular maintenance. In the long run though, stain will outlast paint, saving time and money in the long run.

Make your fence look brand new by painting or staining it, this will also be beneficial to its lifespan! The local experts at Noel Painting are here to help with any residential painting services. Another Way We’re Changing Painting™.

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