Staying Open When Your Business Is Being Painted

Staying Open When Your Business Is Being Painted

Staying Open When Your Business Is Being Painted

Operating a business can be an overwhelming task sometimes, and the demands on you are not any easier if your property is in the middle of a painting job or a remodeling project. Painting the interior walls of your business is a valuable thing to do every now and then. Painting helps to freshen up the atmosphere around your place, and new paint provides a clean and crisp appearance for everyone to enjoy. If you are planning to have professionals come into your place of business and provide a painting service, there are things you can do to minimize the disruptive environment for your customers.

Depending on the size of your property, one thing that you can do is set up zones within your area that are “work” zones and “business” zones. For example, if the painters are working in one section of your business, block that area off for the day and direct your customers to the open part of your business instead. If you have a small property, then setting up zones may not be practical, but a larger property will often work just fine in a sectioned-off setting.

Another idea is to ask your painting crew to work on the project during your closing time or during non-peak business hours. Depending on the size of the paint project, your painting team may be able to get the whole project done during times when the least disruption will occur for your business.

In order to let your customers know that you realize the painting project causes some disruption in your regular business, it is also a project that you are excited to share with them. You may want to use your social media accounts or physical signs on your door to advertise the new paint project. You could let your customers know when the work will take place, and once the work is done, you can invite everyone inside to see the magnificent results.

Painting the interior of your business is a necessary task, and including your customers in the process as much as possible will help curb complaints about the project and may even create some excitement for the new interior appearance. Fresh, new paint will make a wonderful transformation for your overall business.

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