Three Favorite Gray Paint Colors

Three Favorite Gray Paint Colors

Three Favorite Gray Paint Colors

The color gray is defined as a blend of black and white. Per some experts, gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is a classic color that can be both sophisticated and whimsical. If you are a homeowner or business owner who is thinking about purchasing gray paint to use for your next paint project, then you may be interested in some ideas for popular and versatile colors. Below you will find a list of three popular gray paints. Gray is a wonderful color option to use in a variety of settings. 

The first gray we will discuss is Repose Gray by Sherwin-Williams (SW7015). This gray is seen as a beautifully smooth gray that offers a warm and neutral appearance. Repose Gray complements many other colors, such as white, black, bronze, navy, coral, and green. Repose Gray looks attractive in a foyer, den, living room, bedroom, stairwell, home office, and many other places around the home. If you are looking for a warm, neutral gray for your home or office, then Repose Gray is definitely a contender.

Another gray option is Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore (OC-27). Balboa Mist is another warm and attractive gray paint. This option has a slightly violet undertone, and it may look a little bit like light purple in some settings. Balboa Mist is a “goes-with-everything” type of color. This paint shade is another excellent choice if you are interested in a neutral, relaxed gray shade of paint.

Lastly, we want to showcase White Metal by Behr (N520-1). This paint color is defined as a light, cool silver with an undertone of lavender. The White Metal paint may appear differently in different lights. In some rooms, it may look like plain gray silver, while in other lights, it may look like a lilac silver color. This paint color is a cooler shade than the other previously listed options, which is a nice choice for more modern homes or business properties.

Gray is a versatile and attractive paint color option for many properties. From light, wispy shades of gray to bold, imposing shades, you will find there is a wide array of gray paint colors to choose from on the market.

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