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Tidewater Paint

Tidewater Paint

Have you been dreaming about the coast this summer?  Or have you been to the coast recently, and want to try to find someway to bring a little bit of the relaxed, coastal feeling home with you?  If you are one of those people who finds peace and contentment, when walking through the waves of the ocean, then perhaps you will be inspired by a paint color that reminds you of the sea.  Behr offers a paint color, called Tidewater M450-2, that resembles the bright, clear, blue waters of the vast ocean.  This may be a paint color choice that looks wonderful, throughout several areas of your home.

Tidewater is available as an interior or as an exterior paint. Although Behr has over 3000 paint colors for consumers to choose from, Tidewater is just one, of many, that stands out as a color that resembles the peace, calmness, and tranquility that is often found along the shores of the ocean.

If you are considering a new paint color for your home, Tidewater may be a nice option. It can brighten up your front door, enhance the relaxation feeling in a bathroom, envelop your books and knickknacks on a bookshelf, or draw attention to the beadboard ceiling on your covered porch or sunroom.  

Tidewater is a nice mix of light blue and milky white.  It blends well with a variety of other colors.  In fact, Behr recommends pairing Tidewater with colors on Tidewater’s coordinated palette, such as; Raffia Cream (710C-2), March Aquamarine (P440-4), and Calm (BL-W01).  A blend of these colors, such as on trim work, cabinets, furniture, and such, can provide a complimentary environment for everyone to enjoy.

The paint color, Tidewater, is a fun, intriguing, calming color choice. It blends easily into the setting of almost any room in the home, yet also adds a bit of crispness and complexity, as well. Tidewater is just one of the unique paint color options, that can help inspire the sense of calmness that the sea inspires, in many of us.

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