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Little-Known Tips To Help Create The Perfect Paint Job

Little-Known Tips To Help Create The Perfect Paint Job

Most homeowners approach painting their home without a lot of knowledge or experience. However, a professional-looking paint job can still be achieved by amateurs as long as they put in the time to learn about the techniques and tips that are used by professional painters throughout the country. Follow these little-known tips to help you create the perfect paint job.

Use a Modified Paint Stirrer

Drilling holes in your paint stirrer is a much more efficient way of mixing your paint. The holes will allow your paint to mix more evenly as paint flow through the holes and aerates. Using a modified stirrer is much more efficient than the standard alternative.

Do Not Wash Your Brushes

When using latex paint, as most people do when painting interior walls, washing your brushes or rollers is completely unnecessary. You can simply wrap your tools in foil or plastic and place them in the fridge as cold temperatures prevent latex paints from drying too quickly.

Use the Correct Primer

Different surfaces call for different primers. For example, water-based primers are fantastic for new drywall as they create an even surface and hide imperfections very well. Alternatively, oil-based primers are great when painting walls that have been damaged by water or smoke.

Prevent Your Paint from Drying

If you don’t have the time to finish your paint job in one day, it is important that you prevent your paint from drying out. You can place plastic under the lid of a half-empty can of paint, seal it very tightly, and place it upside down to prevent your paint from drying out.

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