Updating Your Homes Hallways

Updating Your Home’s Hallways

Updating Your Home’s Hallways

The hallway in a home can often be an area that appears drab and sometimes forgotten. Many hallways are areas that lack windows; therefore, not having the benefit of natural light. Whether you have a hallway that is filled with sunlight or not, there are some things that you can do when painting the hallway area a beautiful color.

Paint color can make a big difference in a hallway environment, or in a foyer area. Many professionals recommend painting these busy areas of your home a color that resembles nature and will add brightness and crispness to the setting. White, off-white, beige, or greige are often recommended. These color choices will add brightness, while also providing a neutral background that can be used with any other type of home décor.

Another popular paint color choice for hallway areas or foyers is olive green, such as Sherwin Williams’ Liveable Green or Benjamin Moore’s Tate Olive. Either of these color options provides for a warm, inviting backdrop to an area that is used every day within your home. Olive green paints are considered a good choice for almost any type of home style, including modern and traditional styles. Highlighted by white paint along the trim, doors, and ceiling areas can add to the crispness of the area.

If you are interested in other colors besides olive green or the neutral tones of white, off-white, beige, or greige, then there are many other paint colors from which to choose. Light colors, such as pale blue or yellow, will add cheeriness to any foyer or hallway area. Darker tones, such as reds or dark blues, will add elegance and drama to any entranceway or hallway.

With so many paint colors to choose from, you have a wide array of ideas and creative environments that you can create within your own home. For further ideas, you may want to conduct a search online or flip through some home improvement magazines at your local store. The hallway and foyer ideas for your home are limitless.

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