Repainting Your College Kids Bedroom

Repainting Your College Kid’s Bedroom

Repainting Your College Kid’s Bedroom

If you recently took your child to college, then you know that there is an adjustment period that you go through once you return home. You, and anyone else in your home, must figure out the “new normal” around your place and get used to life without the everyday vigor of life with a young adult in the house. One thing that many people strive to do is to keep themselves busy.

One project that you may want to consider is to update or renovate your college kid’s bedroom. You may decide to take on this project as a surprise; therefore, your child will be excited about their room’s new appearance once they return home for the next holiday. Whether you tackle this project as a surprise or in conjunction with your kid’s own ideas, hopefully, it will be a fun activity for you to do.

Some parents choose to repaint their child’s room in the color scheme of the college that their child is currently attending. This can be a fun way to show your support for your college kid and it may help them feel welcome once they return back home. Quite often, college colors are bright and bold. If the color options for your child’s college are too much for you, then perhaps painting an accent wall may be the best choice for your purpose. You may also decide to paint college-colored stripes on the walls or paint the school’s logo on the wall with the school colors proudly displayed.

Another idea that you may want to consider is to paint the walls a neutral color and use college-themed paraphernalia around the room. Trinkets and upholstered items can easily be displayed throughout the room, and can be easily changed once your child graduates from college or makes a change regarding their school choice.

Whatever you decide in regards to renovating your child’s bedroom can undoubtedly be pleasing to your child once they see the finished project. Redoing their bedroom can also help you fill a void that has been created with their absence and will help you to create a space that is warm and inviting once they return home.

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