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What are the Best Ways to Choose a Color for Your Home?

What are the Best Ways to Choose a Color for Your Home?

Are you about to take on a big home painting project? As there are so many color options out there, it can be overwhelming to pick just one or two! How do you know if it will work with your décor and flow from room-to-room? How do you know if it will fit your neighborhood? How do you know it will fit your personality and that you will enjoy it for more than a week? Whether it is an exterior or interior project, we have some advice on the best ways to choose a fitting color for your home.

Starting Point

Looking for a place to start? The best area would be the biggest, most centrally located room (probably a kitchen or living room). Then think of a favorite fabric or rug you own. These objects are often your favorites as they feature a multitude of colors you like. These combinations can guide you to choose the appropriate colors for your walls.

Want to test colors without painting the whole room? Grab a swatch or two that you may like and some shades of that color. Paint some stripes on a large wall and leave it for a week. This will one, show you what it looks like on your current wall color (you will see what the shades will be), and will two, allow you to get used to the color(s) and see if they are something you want to cover the entire wall in. Also, put the swatches up against furniture and fabrics. This will help you see what will help it all flow.

Transition of Shades

Some advice for a smooth color transition between spaces would include choosing a color for one room and then painting the adjacent space two shades either lighter or darker. Adding shades of the same color creates depth and interest. Use a designer color collection swatch to help pick colors that highlight each other and work beautifully together in one room or room-to-room. Also take into consideration what rooms can be viewed from one area to another. This will help you with the transition.

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