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Exterior Painting Tips During a Florida Summer

Exterior Painting Tips During a Florida Summer

Exterior painting projects at your home in Florida exhibit a handful of difficulties, especially during the summer months. Aside from the type of surface to be painted, the heat and humidity in our local area also adds an obstacle to the mix. In spite of every one of these elements, there are certain processes that should be followed to ensure the best painting results are obtained.

Starting Point

To begin, the way to any great painting project is appropriate planning. Start by washing the surface to clean off any dirt and debris. Next, rub and sand the surfaces to expel free, peeling and chipping paint. Once the surface is spotless, prime any uncovered substrates with the suitable groundwork. The next step is to select the correct paint for the project.

Be Aware of the Temperature

Here are a few things to consider when applying paint in the Florida summer heat:

When painting in a warm climate, a latex paint is compelled to dry rapidly. At the point when this happens, the paint can be dry, however, the film development or curing might be inadequate. It is important to visually inspect the area to make sure the paint has been applied properly.

The professional painters recommend that you avoid applying paint during the following conditions:

• Extremely hot conditions, over 95º F
• Painting in coordinate daylight, particularly if the paint is a dim shading
• The surface being painted is hot
• The surface is extremely permeable
• Conditions are windy or blustery

The Best Conditions

Another approach to limit the impacts of summer heat is to paint at an early hour in the morning when it is cooler. Always attempt to abstain from painting in the late evening when surfaces have had an opportunity to warm up and it turns out to be excessively hot, making it impossible to apply paint. Finally, keep your brushes and rollers stacked with paint, work in smaller zones\,; and apply paint at a reliable, relentless pace to get a decent and uniform coating.

For any assistance with painting the exterior of your home during the summer months, contact Noel Painting for anything related to residential painting. Our experts are here to help you along every step of the way!

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