exterior paint colors that attract pests and bugs

What Outdoor Colors Attract The Most Pests And Bugs?

What Outdoor Colors Attract The Most Pests And Bugs?

Living in the humidity of Florida can mean a lot of bugs and pests! These critters can get quite annoying, especially when you are trying to enjoy a backyard barbeque with friends and are being eaten by bugs the entire time. Well, believe it or not, the exterior color of your house may be playing a huge role in pest and bug attraction.

When painting the exterior of your home, you may be taking into consideration curb appeal, landscaping, other houses in the neighborhood, etc., but you may have never thought about repelling pests and bugs. We have complied a list of colors to help you weigh the options.

A big seller when it comes to repelling insects are bug lights. This is because bugs are attracted to bright colors that fall into the UV spectrum. Why? Pests and bugs look for colors that mimic the food that they like to eat. For example, brighter colors such as yellow and orange replicate flowers. Bugs flock towards flowers for food; therefore, they will do the same to your home if the outside is bright. Most bugs stay away from greens and blues. Blue is also commonly known to keep stinging insects away. This makes blue a prominent color for porch ceilings to prevent wasps and other flying insects to build nests there. Mosquitos, on the other hand, love darker colors; therefore, white or light colored paint will be a better deterrent for these bugs.

Even though birds aren’t as annoying as bugs, they can still cause a great deal of damage to your home’s siding, roof, and fascia. Like bugs, birds are captivated by colors that reflect their food choices. Birds like berries, which means they also like bright colors. Greys and browns can also be appealing for birds that like to build nests because they like being hidden away and safe.


Don’t attract more pests and bugs, repel them with the right exterior paint color!

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