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How to Prime Walls that Have Dark Colors

How to Prime Walls that Have Dark Colors

Changing your wall colors from dark to light can be a bit tricky!

Covering a dark colored wall with a lighter color without applying primer first requires multiple coats of paint. It is the same if going from one dark color to another, such as painting a dark blue over a deep red. This can be avoided by applying just two coats of primer followed by only a couple coats of the new paint color.

Primer will save you paint, time, and even get you the shade of color you desire. Without primer, some of the original, darker color can saturate the new paint color, leaving you with a blotchy look or creating a completely different color than you intended. We have compiled a step-by-step process to prime your dark wall before applying that new light color.

  1. When searching for the best primer to cover up the dark color, you will look for one labeled “high hide.” These products are formulated for this exact reason, to cover very dark colors. Be sure to check the label to ensure there is a high amount of titanium dioxide.
  2. Scrape off any loose paint that may be on the wall you are about to prime with a putty knife, fill/ fix any imperfections with a good spackling job.
  3. Ensure that you prep the wall for primer just as you would for any other paint. This includes cleaning the wall with a vacuum and then wet rag.
  4. Use painter’s tape to mask off ceiling edges, windows, floorboards, and any other trim that you don’t want paint on.
  5. Begin applying a 2-or-3 inch wide strip of primer in the corners of the wall and next to all blue painter’s tape, using a small brush.
  6. Use a paint roller to apply primer to the rest of the wall. For best results, apply two thin coats. Sometimes, it may require one additional coat. The primer will contain directions regarding the amount of drying time necessary between the coats.
  7. The primer should be completely dry before applying the new paint.

Changing the color of paint on your walls does not have to be a difficult or frustrating project. Use the steps in this guide to help ensure the new paint on your walls exceeds your expectations! Reach out to the local experts at Noel Painting for any residential painting services. Our mindset is all about Changing Painting™.

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