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What to Know About Exterior Paint Color Options

What to Know About Exterior Paint Color Options

There are a variety of factors that come into play when people choose exterior paint color options. The most obvious is cost and personal preference. Cost is simple: you get what you pay for, and premium quality paint costs more but lasts longer and usually looks better. Personal preference is tempered by several considerations.

One unusual factor in Florida is that the year round bright sun can fade some colors, a matter that professional painters take into account, and another reason to rely on professionals rather than DIY. Florida also has an unusually wide range of materials that are used on the outside of residences, such as stucco. These may limit exterior paint color options. White and yellow, for example, work well on stucco.

The color of houses is not simply a matter of individual choice. Florida has a large number of neighborhood associations, and these often have restrictions on color schemes. Some areas have traditions that allow a wider range of color. South Florida generally, and communities such as Key West in particular, traditionally use a wide range of colors for homes.

Take into Account the Surrounding Area

The exterior color of a house is not just the color of your home. It blends in with the overall area, including plantings, trees and neighboring houses. A residence painted green in a yard full of trees and plantings might seem almost lost. Orientation to sunlight, structural features such as architectural style and the presence or absence of shade trees all can impact color.

Combinations of a main color and contrasting trim should be taken into account. The presence of windows, doors, trim and the entrance can also affect design. Consulting professional house painters is also a good idea when it comes to exterior paint color options.

Ultimately, the choice of an exterior color scheme is about curb appeal. Done well, it enhances the value and perception of a residence. Done poorly, it decreases value and alters perceptions.

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