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When is the Best Time of the Year for House Painting?

When is the Best Time of the Year for House Painting?

The best time of the year for painting the exterior of a house depends on the area of the country. The best conditions for exterior house painting is a temperature range of about 40 to about 80 degrees, a sunny day with moderate humidity and little wind. In much of the country, that translates seasonally to fall and spring. Here in Florida, there is little limitation posed by cold weather, so the range of temperature, humidity and other factors extends the best times of the year for painting.

Paint is affected by many seasonally-related factors. High temperatures may cause paint to dry too quickly. Lower temperatures may prevent paint from being cured adequately. Dew, rain and humidity can affect the surfaces to be painted.

There is some difference of opinion about the temperature range best for exterior painting. The upper range often cited by experts is 80 to 85 degrees. The lower range traditionally was about 50 degrees, but today’s paints can be applied when the temperature is as low as 40. A large daily variation between high and low temperature is a somewhat negative factor, as is dew.

The Complications of Summer House Painting

Painting exteriors can be done in any time of the year in Florida, but summer does pose some constraints. Rain can be heavy, and it is advisable to let structures dry for a day before starting to paint. Wind can also be a factor, because wind can blast fresh paint with all kinds of dust and other debris. That means that performing an exterior house painting task during Florida’s rainy season requires paying close attention to weather predictions. Scheduled projects may be delayed during this season.

During much of the year, Florida temperatures may be above 90 degrees and accompanied by high humidity, neither of which are optimal conditions for house painting. The heat in the state can be summer-like from late Spring through early and middle Fall, so the best time of the year for painting the exterior of homes in Florida is late Fall through early Spring.

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