white paint ideas

White Paint Ideas

White Paint Ideas

Did you know that white paint is the most used color of all paints in the country? Did you also know that white paint comes in a whole variety of shades? You may be inclined to think that white paint is all one color; however, there are many shades of white for you to consider for your next white paint painting project.

In order to choose the best white for your painting project, you should consider the other colors that will be used within the room. If you have warm colors throughout your upholstery, carpet, and knickknacks, then you should go with a white paint that also has warm undertones in it. The same is true for cool colors. If you have furnishings, in the room to be painted, that have cool undertones in them, then choose white paint that also has cool undertones. It is very challenging to mix warm and cool shades of white because often the warm shade will end up looking dirty and dingy.

Another thing for you to consider regarding cool and warm shades of white is the ambiance in the room that you are trying to showcase. Cool shades of white will appear crisp and clean, while warm shades of white tend to appear cozier and more relaxing. As you decide which shade of white to use for your painting project, it is important to consider the surrounding furnishings, as well as the ambiance of the given space.

It may be difficult for you to distinguish between the varying shades of white. Warm shades will have subtle undertones of red or yellow. Cool shades will have undertones of green or blue. The best way to distinguish between the shades is to do a little research about the variety of white colors and place multiple samples of whites throughout the room to be painted. Once you hold the samples up to your existing walls, you will probably be amazed at the subtle differences in the varying white colors.

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