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Why Certain Paint Colors Can Make Your Home Look Dated

Why Certain Paint Colors Can Make Your Home Look Dated

The use of certain paint colors in the interior and on the exterior of a residence is subject to trends. Décor that is trendy during one decade will often look old during another. Residents tend to change color schemes slowly, and as a result their homes often look dated. This can have some important consequences, because the value of a residence is to a considerable extent based on curb appeal, that is, how inviting it looks to people passing by or viewing from the street. A house may be structurally sound and in perfect condition, but if it looks old from the street, its value will sink.

Some colors simply make a house look eccentric rather than dated, such as orange or purple or unusual combinations of certain paint colors. That reduces curb appeal and therefore value, not only of the house in question but also its whole neighborhood. And that is the point of neighborhood associations restricting color choices.

The Popularity of Exterior Paint Color Trends

Popular exterior colors change, more slowly than trends in interior colors, but they change. The 1960s saw among popular colors daisy, and exuberant pink. Those colors would work in Key West but probably not elsewhere in Florida. The more subdued but more environmentally concerned 1970s enjoyed avocado and earth tones. Those colors may be coming back, but waiting for retro trends to undate the look of your house takes, well, time.

The 1980s brought such colors as cooled blue, colonnade grey and pastels. Those colors are still fairly common, but have the flavor of an aging neighborhood. In the 1990s, popular colors remained a little muted, and included bungalow beige, urban putty and fireweed. Houses with these colors say to the curbside viewer that the house is so last century.

More recent vogues in certain paint colors are still very common. The 2000s brought us off whites and colors such as aqua and latte. The trend in the 2010s seem heavily to greys.

Getting Started

The important point is that your choice of an exterior color for your residence is not just a personal choice. It affects the character of a neighborhood, and importantly, strongly affects curb appeal and by doing that, affects the value of your home investment.

Make the smart choice this year when selecting the best paint colors for your home. The local experts at Noel Painting are here to help with any residential painting services you may need. We look forward to helping you today! Another Way We’re Changing Painting™.

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