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What Are The Best Colors To Paint Your Ceiling?

Ceiling Paint Colors

Many homeowners choose to keep their ceilings white, even if their walls are different colors throughout their home.  However, white ceilings may not always be the best, or only, color to choose.  If you are intimidated by painting your ceiling a color other than white, or if you have just never put much thought into painting your ceilings, then we have some new ideas for you.  Below, you will find paint ideas for all ceiling spaces within your home.

Some homeowners choose to paint their ceilings a light blue color, which reminds them of a clear blue sky.  This can be a wonderful choice for a room that has a contrasting color on the walls, or is blanketed with light blue all throughout.  This light color brightens up a room, whether there is plenty of sunshine that bounces off of the walls, or if there is little direct sunlight that beams into the room.  Pale pink, yellow, or green, also has these same qualities.

If your aim is to create a cozy, intimate mood within a room, then a darker ceiling make do just that.  The darker the paint color is on a ceiling, the cozier a room will feel and the lower the ceiling will feel, also.  This will not always feel claustrophobic to people, though, especially if the goal is to provoke intimacy.  Warm tans or deep reds are often used for this purpose.

Although white ceilings have been a standard for many homes over the last several decades, more and more, people are experimenting with a variety of ceiling color options.  Note that: most ceiling paint is in a flat finish, because a shinier finish tends to highlight any scuff marks or imperfections along the ceiling’s surface.  White ceilings have many benefits, such as; providing a contrast between the painted walls and the ceiling, making a room feel brighter and roomier, and lightening up a room that is low on natural light sources; however, some folks enjoy the variety that comes along with painting their ceilings a more diverse color, as well.

Now that popcorn ceilings are mostly a thing of the past, painting your ceiling is a new trend in decorating! If you are interested in painting your ceiling contact the experts at Noel Painting!

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