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Cleaning Tips For Painted Wood On The Exterior Of Your Home

Cleaning Tips For Painted Wood On The Exterior Of Your Home

Sometimes, the exterior surfaces of your home can appear to be dull, dirty, and in need of some tender loving care.  You may wonder if you need to repaint the surfaces, in order to restore their once beautiful appearance.  Although that may be the case, especially if it has been a few years since the last paint job, you may find that the painted areas really just need a good cleaning.

Wood siding, window frames, doors, shutters, and decking materials that are made of wood, can experience significant dirt and grime buildup.  Over time, these areas need to be cleaned, usually between painting projects.  In fact, it can be quite a transformative improvement on the appearance of your painted structures, once the cleaning process is completed.  If you are interested in some cleaning tips for your exterior painted wood surfaces, then continue reading below.

If your exterior wooden building materials are simply discolored with dirt or dust, then the cleaning process is simple.  A mixture of warm water and a bit of household dish detergent can be used to brush the intended surface.  After you brush away the dirty marks, then simply rinse the area with water directly from your hose.

If, however, you have evidence of mold or mildew growth, then you will need to remove these substances completely, in order to prevent them from returning, or potentially causing serious damage to the wood, also known as wood rot.  A mixture of bleach and water will generally do the trick.  Typically, the mixture comprises of one-part bleach to every three-parts water.  Remember to use protective gloves and eyewear when working with strong chemicals, such as bleach.  Additionally, you may want to cover any surrounding vegetation with a plastic sheet, in order to prevent overspray or potential damage to plants.

At a home goods supply store, you can find cleaning wands that may be helpful to use for cleaning areas that are difficult for you to reach.  Some of these wands attach directly to the end of a garden hose and some others are free standing, such as brushes with long, extendable handles.

As you progress through the cleaning process, it is important to take your time and work methodically, in order to cover all of the areas that require cleaning.  You will be amazed with the results that a thorough cleaning of exterior wooden structures can provide.

If your home’s paint is looking dingy, cleaning may be in order. If your home is made from wood make to use the correct cleaning process! If you have any questions contact the experts at Noel Painting!

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