color inspiration from traveling excursions fort myers fl

Color Inspiration from Traveling Excursions

Color Inspiration from Traveling Excursions

When you travel, you can find a lot of inspiring ideas that can be easily translated into your own personal home improvement projects.  Consider the sights and scenery that you encounter along your various journeys.  Perhaps you are attracted to the crystal-clear waters that are found along the Floridian panhandle, or the earthen brown tones of the Colorado Rockies, or maybe even the bright yellow color of a New York City taxi cab.  If you take notice of different environments around you, then you may be surprised about where your home decorating ideas can originate.

Let’s say that you are a beach enthusiast; you may want to incorporate colors, within your home, that remind you of your favorite beach experiences.  For example, perhaps blending tan colors that remind you of the sand between your toes, along with a shade of blue that reminds you of the blue ocean waters, allows you to create a home environment that brings you peace, calmness, and will remind you of your favorite beach location.

This same thing can happen if you find the mountains your place of inspiration.  Perhaps blend colors within your home that are similar to that of the Colorado Aspen trees or of the snowy peaks of the Grand Tetons.  When you find places that bring your soul joy and comfort, you may find it desirable to mimic those settings in your everyday surroundings, as within your home environment.

When you are out of your home and you are traveling around your city, in another state, or even out of the country, take pictures of things and places that you find are color inspirations to you.  If you can’t take photos, then jot down descriptions and notes about colors that you enjoy and that you find interesting.

The next time you are planning to engage in a home redecorating project, pull out your photos or notes and take them with you to your local paint store or to a home decorating shop.  You can use these color ideas for paint color selections, furniture options, upholstery choices, or for trinkets around your home.  However you decide to incorporate your favorite colors, you should be pleased, and relaxed, with the end result, as you are reminded of your favorite travel destinations every day of the year.

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