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Paint Ideas For Your Foyer

Paint Ideas For Your Foyer

The foyer of your home is the first place that most people see when they enter your home.  Unless they are “back-door” friends, guests will typically enter through the front door area of your home.  For any homeowner who wants to create a specific mood within their own foyer, it is important for you to choose your paint colors wisely.  The paint color of a foyer can either brighten up the space, and create a welcoming environment for all, or it can create a dingy, unwelcoming area.  Below, you will find some ideas and suggestions for various paint color choices for your home’s foyer.  You may wish to consider your space carefully, before you choose your paint.

Generally speaking, the lighter the paint color, the brighter and airier the foyer will feel, and the darker the color choice, the warmer and cozier the foyer will feel.  Depending on the size of your foyer, and on the furnishings that you have in the space, will depend on which color options will work best for your setting.

White is always an option; always classy in appearance and provides for a crisp, clean entranceway.  There are many shades of white available, so you may choose a bright white, or a creamier, off-white, depending on your preference.  If you are interested in adding more color to your foyer, but still stay within the neutral category, then creams, beige, tans, taupe, and even light gray may be a great option.

The darker paint colors, such as dark gray, blue, green, and brown, provide for a space that appears smaller in size and tends to add to a cozy environment within the foyer.  Professionals recommend painting the trim work a similar color, or even a warm white, in order to maintain a stream of consistency, when using dark colors on the walls.  Furthermore, you may wish to use lighter colors for the flooring options and the furniture in the foyer, in order to prevent the dark colors from making the space feel closed-in and too cave-like in appearance.

There are so many options for you, as you decide on paint colors for your home’s foyer.  Take a close look around your space, as you decide which path to take, as you paint (or repaint) your personal space.

Your foyer sets the mood for the rest of your home’s decor! Contact Noel Painting today to get started today!

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