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Painting With The Color Orange

Painting With The Color Orange

If you have ever walked into a room that had one, or more, walls painted completely in orange, then you probably experienced one of two different reactions.  Perhaps you experienced shock, as the intense orange color took your breath away with the unexpected visual, or, on the other hand, perhaps you were overcome with a sense of warmth and comfort that you were not expecting.  Either way, the color of orange can have quite an impact on people and on their moods towards this distinctive color.  If you are one of those folks that is intrigued by this unique and vibrant color, then you might want to try using a shade of orange paint within your own home.  Continue reading for some ideas that might spark your orange-themed projects.

Because orange is such a strong color choice, most first-time users will plan to use this paint color in a room that they are not in quite as often.  The dining room is often a popular choice, as well as a child’s playroom or in a sunroom setting, too.  Depending on the shade that you decide to paint with, will depend on whether you are creating a happy, vibrant, exhilarating atmosphere, or if you are creating a room that is cozy, warm, and inviting to those that wish to sit and linger for an extended amount of time.

Typically, the brighter the shade of orange that is chosen, the more energy will be exhibited throughout the room.  A bright, unmistakable orange works wonders in a playroom, especially when complimented with other crisp colors, such as white or light grey.  This vibrant hue may also be used in a dining room, if you are looking for a modern, bright place to gather and dine; however, if you are seeking a more rustic, warm atmosphere within your dining room, then a darker shade also works beautifully.  Darker shades mix well with browns, blacks, creams, and other warm colors that add to the cozy ambiance of any room.

Certainly, if the color orange sparks your interest, then you may find that playing with the color within your home is a fun, interesting, and rewarding thing to do.  Your local paint supply shop can provide you with many shades of orange to choose from, as well as provide more ideas on how to use this distinctive and eye-catching color.

Orange can be a shocking color, but can be a beautiful contrast color ! Contact Noel Painting today to get started on your paint project today!

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