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Should You Paint Your House Before Selling?

Should you Paint your House Before Selling?

Are you getting ready to put your house on the market? Are you worried about how your house will compare to others in the area? First impressions matter! When selling your home, there is no such thing as a second chance to make a first impression. Adding fresh paint is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a great first impression on buyers. This means that you want your paint to highlight the character and personality of your home. Here are some reasons why a new coat of will attract potential buyers.

Fresh Coat of Paint is Welcoming

Think about a house that has peeling, dirty, or faded paint. What was your first impression? Bad paint in just one area of the house can give the false impression to buyers that the entire home isn’t in its best shape. This does nothing but flash dollar signs and a red flag for buyers. New paint welcomes buyers as it gives the impression that the home is well taken care of and maintained, but most importantly, ready for an immediate move-in.

Paint the Front Door

The first initial impression of any home is its exterior curb appeal. If the home appears unkept and dull, buyers may not even make it past the sidewalk or front door. One of the biggest eye catchers is the front door. Before putting your home on the market, slap a fresh coat of paint on the door and maybe even decorate it with some new door hardware.

Freshen up Exterior Paint

Buyers can be easily scared away by the appearance of the exterior of a house. If the house hasn’t been painted in a long time and looks dull, dirty, and old, buyers will probably shy away with the thought of “this is going to cost us a fortune just to make the curb appeal presentable.” The solution? Spend the money to freshen up the paint, whether through a professional company or by yourself if you have the time. Match the color to your neighborhood – don’t go crazy and paint the house pink unless that is normal for your neighborhood.

Interior Paint

It is normal for walls to show that a home has been “lived in” with scuff marks, finger prints, dirt, discolored base boards, water marks on the ceilings, etc.; however, these marks can easily deter a buyer as to the condition of the house as a whole if giving off the impression of an unmaintained/ cleaned interior. Spending a little bit of money can easily help cover these imperfections up. Neutral colors are the most appealing.


If selling your home, adding some fresh paint can definitely be beneficial! The local experts at Noel Painting are here to help with any residential painting services. Another Way We’re Changing Painting™.

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