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Painting Tips To Kid Proof Walls

Painting Tips To Kid Proof Walls

How do you completely kid proof a wall? You can’t. An energetic kid with crayons, paint or magic markers can menace any wall. You can’t confiscate their paints and markers. You can’t keep muddy hands off walls. What you can do is recognize this fact and prepare for it.

The wall location is one factor. Kids with crayons or markers are much more liable to produce their artworks on hallways and kitchen walls than they are walls in their parent’s bedrooms or in bathrooms.

One partial solution is to use darker colors. A wall painted white is just asking to be drawn on. Lighter colors tempt children more, perhaps because it reminds them of drawing paper. A problem is that darker colors are, well, dark and not as pleasant as brighter, lighter colors.

The best solution is to pay special attention to the paint. This is part of kid proofing your walls. High quality paint is your best bet. It costs more, but is more resistant and easier to clean. At your local hardware store, or wherever you purchase your paint, ask for help in finding a high quality paint that is stain resistant and has good scrub ability. Ideally, the paint you use should have a satin or semi-gloss finish. This will mean that the paint is easier to clean.

Some manufacturers have developed high quality paints specially designed so kid’s artworks can be easily and quickly cleaned up. It will cost more but may be worth it. Ask other parents how they have kid proofed their walls.

While you’re at it, if you are just expecting or have very small children, consider other safety measures. Plastic outlet covers can prevent little fingers from being shocked. Existing paint throughout your house should be examined, because peeling paint may tempt children to eat it. And be very certain that existing paint in an old house is not lead-based.

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