Sea Foam

Sea Foam

Sea Foam

Are you looking for a paint color that is inviting, cool, clean, and will brighten up almost any room in your home? If so, then you may want to consider the paint color Sea Foam. As with most colors, you will find there is a wide array of options available on the market, and varying paint supply companies showcase their own shade of paint. 

Sea Foam is described as a blue-green color that is similar to mint green shades of paint. Some Sea Foams have more white paint added to the mix, while others may have more blue paint in the mixture. Depending on the exact measurements will depend on the shade of Sea Foam that is available for you to choose from for your place Sea Foam is a versatile pastel paint color that is complementary to many other colors. A few colors that blend well in a room with Sea Foam paint include; gray, white, pink, and darker shades of blue-green paint.

One Sea Foam paint color that you might want to consider is from the Benjamin Moore paint company. It is conveniently called Sea Foam (2123-60). This mixture includes a lot of white paint and is a bright, wispy paint shade to use in your home. It will look welcoming in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, sunroom, and many other places. 

Sea Salt (SW 6204) by Sherwin Williams is another option that is considered a Sea Foam color. This paint shade is mixed with gray paint and offers a unique paint color that can be used almost anywhere. 

Lastly, we recommend that you consider Behr’s Sea Foam option, which is called Seafoam Pearl (470A-2). This glorious paint color is darker than the other two options. It is mixed with more blue paint and offers a surprisingly vivid color to use in many rooms in your home or as an accent wall, too. 

Sea Foam paint shades, often referred to as mint green shades, are excellent and inviting colors to use on a wall, a piece of furniture, a ceiling, and many other surfaces. If you are looking for a paint shade that is fresh, clean, and crisp, then a Sea Foam option may be the best choice for you!

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