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Thankful Ideas for Leftover Paint

Thankful Ideas for Leftover Paint

Thankful Ideas for Leftover Paint

It’s almost the time of year when people all across the country begin to think about the Thanksgiving holiday, and the prospect of having friends and family into their home to celebrate the season. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving event at your home, and you are looking for ways to spice things up around your living space, then perhaps using some of your old, leftover paint will help you transform some areas of your home that need a little bit of uplift. Below you will find a list of ideas for you to consider. There is no need to spend a lot of money, in order to spruce things up around your home; just pulling out some of your leftover paint can make a world of difference around your place.

  • Decorate flower pots, picture frames, serving utensils, and other similar items. It is simple to personalize your dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom with just a little bit of extra paint. You may be amazed at how some additional paint can really add life to an otherwise plain and ordinary item.
  • Paint some chairs, tables, dressers, or drawers around your home. Once again, with some colorful paint, and maybe even some new hardware, you can drastically change the appearance of a well-worn item around your home.
  • Add paint color to bookshelves or cabinets. Your leftover paint will add some pizzazz to ordinary bookshelves or kitchen/bathroom cabinets. If you are running low on paint, you could simply paint the back of the shelves, in order to provide some color as a background showpiece.
  • Paint trim work around your home. Many homeowners believe in white trim, such as baseboards or window seals; however, the look of trim work can change quite a bit with a little bit of paint color.
  • Doors can also pop with a bit of paint color. You could paint interior or exterior doors with your leftover paint.
  • Leftover paint is also useful in creating an accent wall or walls with stripes, too.

There is no need to let your leftover paint go to waste, and this time of year is an especially good time to see how creative you can be with the colors that are appealing to you. Have some fun as you meander around your home and decide where you want to add some fun paint color.

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