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White Paint

White Paint

As you may know, white paint is available is a vast array of shades. There are pure white paint, cool-toned white paint, and warm-toned white paint available on the market. If you are going to be choosing white paint to use for your next painting project, then it is important for you to do a little homework first, in order to choose the best shade of white for your particular project. Below, we have some ideas for you to consider. Perhaps one of these paint options will work for your project, or maybe they will spark a painting idea of your own choice.

  • Pure White by Sherwin-Williams: This is a white paint that is widely used for all types of interior painting projects. It is almost all completely white, except for a tiny bit of black and yellow undertones that give it just a little bit of warmth. It does not appear too harsh or stark in most home environments.
  • All White by Farrow & Ball: This shade of white paint is another choice if you are looking for an all-white color option. It appears crisp, clean, and fresh.
  • Swiss Coffee by Behr: This is a slightly warmer shade of white paint. Swiss Coffee has a yellow undertone to it, which makes the paint appear to be a creamy white shade.
  • White Dove by Benjamin Moore: This choice is also considered a warm shade of white; however, it surprisingly also has a tinge of gray in it, as well. This is a very popular Benjamin Moore paint color and is often used on trim work, baseboards, and on walls, too.
  • Windy Sky by Dunn-Edwards: This subtlety cool shade of white combines white paint with undertones of light gray, blue, and aqua. It also appears to have a silvery color to it, in certain lighting.
  • Oyster by Benjamin Moore: This cool shade of white also has undertones of gray, as well as undertones of green, too. In the right setting, this paint color can add style and character to any room.

As you can see, white is available is a huge variety of shades. A trip to your paint supply store may help you choose the best paint for your next project, as well as researching online for a vast array of white paint ideas.

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