Blanched Thyme

Blanched Thyme

Blanched Thyme

The Valspar paint company has declared Blanched Thyme (6001-4A) as their Color of the Year for 2022. This cool, inviting shade of green is part of a paint palette that encompasses other neutral, soothing colors for all consumers to enjoy. On the palette, 12 shades of neutral paints can be used by property owners who are seeking calm, comfortable colors to use inside and outside of their homes and businesses. 

Regarding Blanched Thyme, Valspar Color Marketing Manager, Sue Kim, states that the color is “calming and nourishing – this natural shade encourages a calm balance within yourself and your home”. This year, many paint supply companies have chosen paint colors to highlight within their inventories that are soothing, natural, and peaceful colors. After a couple of turbulent years following the worldwide pandemic, people everywhere are seeking refuge from the stressful situations we have dealt with for a long time. 

Blanched Thyme is a paint color that offers comfort and peace. It is described as a cool, organic green that blends wonderfully with warmer colors, wood tones, earth-inspired tones, and so much more. Blanched Thyme will add an outdoorsy, solid appeal to a kitchen, home office, playroom, den, and other places where you want to create an inviting atmosphere. It will add character to the outside of your home or in a business setting, too. 

It is often said that colors around your environment can affect how you feel and how much your place appeals to other people around your property. Blanched Thyme is a color that is meant to boost your energy, calm your mind and color that envelopes you into a cozy, warm atmosphere.

If you have been looking for a natural green paint color that reflects the outdoor colors of trees and grass, then Blanched Thyme might just be the paint color for you. It has a rich undertone that is uncharacteristically inviting and crisp in just about any setting you can imagine. You will find many paint ideas through an online search or with a visit to your local paint supply shop, too.


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