Closet Creations

Closet Creations

Closet Creations

Many homeowners around the country put minimal effort into decorating the closet space in their rooms or the hallway; however, the closet can be a wonderful place to add flair and creativity to an otherwise bland area. There are many ways to decorate a closet that will suit your personality and your practical functionality. One feature you might consider is to add a fun and vibrant paint color to the walls in your closet, or to the door frame of a closet, too. The ideas are limitless, and you can easily create an interesting place to hang your clothes and store other items, in just a little bit of time. 

Most people spend very little time in a closet. Typically, they are just in the space for a few minutes at the beginning of the day to pick out clothes and perhaps put on shoes, a belt, jewelry, a tie, scarf, or other accessories, and they may spend a few minutes in the evening in the closet as they change into more comfortable clothes. 

Whether you are thinking about updating your own closet space, the closet space of a child, a broom closet, or a hallway coat closet, you will find there are many ideas for you to work with, to design a space that is complimentary for your home and your sense of style. 

Nothing says “Good Morning” like a bedroom closet that is painted pink, yellow, or blue. A fun, fantastic color combination in your closet may help inspire you for the day, and will highlight your clothes in a neat, uplifting fashion. If you think it may be too much color to paint the entirety of the closet, then perhaps painting an accent wall will be a nice addition, or you can paint the door frame of the closet a unique and welcoming color.  

Although a closet is not a space where you spend a lot of time, it can still be a fun and decorative area. In addition to painting the closet, you could also add intriguing light fixtures, detailed features, such as velvet hangers, jewelry nooks, or useful shelving options, and so much more. Your closet can reflect your style in a practical, fun, vibrant, affordable manner.


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