In 2019, the paint company Behr named the color Blueprint as the Behr Color of the Year. Blueprint is a rich, warm paint color. It resembles a medium-denim blue that evokes a feeling of comfort, warmth, and invitation to anyone in the vicinity. If you are looking for beautiful blue paint to use for your next interior or exterior paint project, then Blueprint may be the paint for you.

Blueprint (S470-5) is described as a “true blue” paint color. There are no tints of aqua or green mixed into the paint. It is a paint color that can be used as a neutral shade of paint, or combined with pastels, monochromatic colors, or jewel tones, as well. It is a color that resembles a well-worn pair of blue jeans, an ocean, or an evening sky.

The Behr company released paint palettes that complement the Blueprint paint. The palettes are divided into color trends for neutral colors, pastel colors, jewel-tone colors, and monochromatic colors, too. Online, or in your paint supply store, you will be able to see examples of all of the complementary colors, as well as plentiful ideas for using the various colors within your home.

Blueprint paint can be used almost anywhere. It can blend nicely into the background of a room or it can become the main feature in a space, too. From outdoor furniture to the exterior walls of your home, and to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms, Blueprint paint color will add richness and coziness to almost any space. Experts say that Blueprint paint can be used with a variety of décor themes, including; modern, country, casual, formal, and almost any other type of décor.

If you are planning for your next paint project, and you have been looking for a paint color that is welcoming, warm, and inviting, then Blueprint by Behr may be the paint of your dreams. It can certainly be a versatile color and a paint color that evokes inspiration and a solid foundation.

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