Classic Mix of Black & White

Classic Mix of Black & White

Classic Mix of Black & White

The mix of black and white colors can be found all over the place. Some things that showcase the combination, include; piano keys, dice, soccer balls, cars, coffee mugs, checker/chess boards, drawings/paintings, crossword puzzles, dalmatian dogs, and many other places, too. You have probably seen the black and white combination used on the exterior surfaces of some homes and commercial buildings, as well as interior rooms, too. The mixture of the black and white color scheme is a classic look that proves to be timeless, versatile, and a lot of fun.

One classic look for the exterior of a home includes white exterior surfaces, highlighted with black shutters, trim work, and/or a black front door. This attractive curb appeal can be seen all over the country and it evokes a feeling of crispness and classiness. The black and white combination allows the homeowner to use brilliant colors in other places that will stand out and become appealing, too. Additions to a property, such as shrubs, flowers, yard decorations, and other additional pieces, appear elegant against the black and white backdrop of the home.

A couple of black paints that you may consider, if you are thinking about creating the black/white combo with your next painting project, include; Carbon by Behr and Onyx by Benjamin Moore. Both of these paint shades offer a crisp, rich color that is unmistakable and very classic. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore and Extra White by Sherwin-Williams are a couple of white paint options that you may want to consider, as well. Both of these white paint shades offer a crisp, bright, and clean appearance that will compliment a black paint shade for almost any purpose.

The combination of black and white paint colors looks beautiful and classy on the exterior of a home, as well as throughout the interior of a home, too. It makes for a nice combination to use in a kitchen, a bathroom, a laundry room, a bedroom, and many other places, as well. With a little bit of research and some creativity, you can create your next classic look using black and white paints. The options are plentiful.

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