Classy Looks with White and Blue Paint

Classy Looks with White and Blue Paint

Classy Looks with White and Blue Paint

Many homeowners are familiar with the classic look of mixing white and black paint colors to create an appeal that is crisp, clean, and refined; however, you can also create a similar look by using white and navy-blue paint together. White and navy create a crisp and clean appearance that offers a more subtle, softer appearance than the traditional black and white scenario. If you are thinking about repainting a room within your home, then perhaps considering the combination of white and navy is a good option for you.

There are many rooms where white and navy paint can create a dramatic and welcoming environment. A kitchen can become a welcoming gathering place with this color combination. Imagine using navy paint on the kitchen cabinets, the window trim, or on the kitchen island area.

Combine white appliances, a white kitchen sink, or maybe even a white/navy tiled backsplash, and you have a beautiful and defining kitchen environment. You can easily add a splash of other colors throughout the room, such as bold-colored pots and pans, fun plates and dishes, or colorful plants. Any color will work as an addition to the base background of the white and navy.

The white/navy color combination also works wonders in the bathroom environment, making the space an area that feels clean and mature. Bedrooms, home offices, living rooms, game rooms, and even laundry rooms will also work with this classic color combination.

Property owners and decorators can find more than paint colors in this classic combo. There are also many upholstered furniture items and decorative accessories that are available in the striking combination of navy blue/white.

With just a little bit of research and some of your imagination, you can create a welcoming setting that is best for your home and/or business property. You can find many ideas through an online search or by flipping through color consultation magazines and books, as well. As you will find, there are many ideas available, as well as a plethora of paint color options in the navy blue/white paint varieties.

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