Hot Paint Colors

“Hot” Paint Colors

“Hot” Paint Colors

Have you been thinking about some new paint colors for your home that will make a statement and will welcome you into an environment that is vibrant, fun, and is filled with great character? If so, then you may be interested in some “hot” paint colors for your walls. The term “hot” in this article refers to paint colors that stand out above other colors. The samples listed may not be the most popular choices on the market right now; however, the following paint colors will definitely leave a vision in your mind that is unforgettable and is certainly recognizable.

The first color that you may wish to consider is a coral-colored paint product called Wet Coral by the Behr company. This striking shade of orange is going to make a statement in any room throughout your home. It will add great character to a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom, or a laundry room. It is a fun color that is also refined in many ways. Paired with oat-colored upholstery or furniture, this beautiful shade of paint can provide vibrancy, while still exuberating warmth within a room.

Another “hot” paint color that will make a big impression is a deep pink shade of paint called Razzle Dazzle by Benjamin Moore. Razzle Dazzle is a color choice with great pizzazz. This option can look as appealing in a teenager’s bedroom as it does on a dining room wall. Depending on the décor that is used with a room, this color can appear youthful and vibrant or mature and glamorous.

Lastly, you may wish to consider the “hot” paint color called Neon Light by Behr. Neon Light is a remarkable, rich yellow paint shade that will enrich the appeal of a living room, a bathroom, or in a variety of other rooms throughout your home. It is a color that is not overly bright, but offers some deep, warm tones of yellow that are unmistakably “hot”.

All of these paint colors are fun and unique. If you feel that any of these “hot” colors are too intense for your particular project, then perhaps you may consider painting an accent wall or a piece of wooden furniture with the “hot” color of your choice. These options are certainly fun colors to play with and see what new environment you can create in your home.

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