how to choose exterior paint that will not fade easily fort myers fl

How To Choose Exterior Paint That Will Not Fade Easily

How To Choose Exterior Paint That Will Not Fade Easily

It can be very frustrating for a homeowner to spend time and money on an exterior paint project, only to have the new paint begin to visibly fade just after a few months.  Although some fading of paint colors is inevitable over a significant amount of time, there are some things that you can do to help ensure a longer life of your exterior paint.

The first thing that we should do, however, is to define what fading paint consists of; fading means the significant lightening of a paint color, especially when the paint is exposed to intense, direct sunlight.  Fading paint is often confused with another paint problem called chalking.  Chalking is when there is a chemical reaction within the paint film that causes a powdery-white substance to develop along the painted surface.

Fading generally occurs at a very gradual pace and is usually uniform in appearance.  Although fading is a natural occurrence with all exterior paint types, if other worrisome signs are visible with the surface of your painted area, then those problems should be addressed quickly and efficiently.  Some problematic issues, beyond fading, include; cracking, peeling, wood rot, or the presence of mold along the painted surface.

It may seem logical to some, but assuring that you purchase high-quality paint to use for exterior paint projects, is one of the best ways to prevent premature fading.  Higher-quality paints tend to have a better quality of pigments and a sufficient number of binding elements.  Binder elements ensure a more durable paint film and allows the paint to adhere more thoroughly to a properly prepared surface.  Furthermore, it is important to choose paint that is meant for exterior purposes and should also be marketed as fade-resistant paint.

Light paint colors tend to fade less noticeably, not because they are light in color, but because they tend to absorb less sunlight than darker colors.  The absorption of sunlight (UV light) is one thing that can cause significant paint fading.  Also, a higher gloss paint will absorb less sunlight than a flat finish paint.

These are just a few ideas of things to remember when you are wondering what to do about your fading exterior painted surfaces.  When the fading has reached a point where you feel like you need to clean the surface and repaint, then consider the above recommendations when deciding on your new exterior paint.

Choosing a color and type of paint for the exterior of your home can get confusing. Living in Florida you need to make sure you choose a paint that doesn’t fade easily being subjected to the Florida sun constantly! If you need help with exterior house painting, contact the experts at Noel Painting!

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