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Color Choices For Your Newborn Baby’s Room

Color Choices For Your Newborn Baby’s Room

Needless to say, having a baby is a life-changing and very significant event in a person’s life.  Parents-to-be are usually thrilled with excitement, while simultaneously feeling overwhelmed with the many decisions that need to be made throughout the pregnancy.  If you are in this situation now, and you would like a little help with at least one of the decisions that you need to make, then we have some ideas that may help.  Below, you will find color ideas that are useful for any newborn baby’s bedroom.  As you read through the color options, hopefully, you will find a choice that speaks directly to you.

-Soft Whites:  Although some shades of white may appear stark and institutional, there are many shades that can be very inviting for a baby’s room.  Antique whites or soft ivory shades add a very warm atmosphere to almost any room, especially when paired with warm colors of furniture, such as wicker or wood.

-Earthy Neutrals:  Colors such as tan, beige, or light brown provide for a very cozy environment.  These neutral color choices also make it easy to choose a wide array of color choices for bedding and upholstery, because they blend quite easily.

-Faint Greens:  The color green is often associated with nature, growth, health, and prosperity.  Some favorite green shades for a baby’s room include; mint green, sea foam green, or moss green.

  -Perfectly Purples:  Purple is a color that many people consider a color of royalty and wisdom.  In the right shade of purple, a very soothing atmosphere is attained, and can make a baby’s room a very inviting place for all.  A hint about purple, is that it often looks a bit darker on the wall than it does in the paint store; therefore, you may decide to start off with a lighter shade than you would first expect.

-Pastel Pink or Blue:  These colors are often chosen based on the particular sex of the baby.  However, each color can be very unique, also.  Pinks often inspire a feeling of love, comfort, and security, while blues are often associated with the sky or the light blue ocean.  Either choice can create a cozy place for your baby to play, grow, and to rest.

Preparing for your baby is an exciting time in your life!  Whatever color choice that you make for your baby’s room, will be perfect for you and for your growing family!

There is so much that goes into preparing for a baby, let Noel Painting help with the nursery painting! From color consultation to project completion we want your baby to have a sanctuary of its own!

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