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Color Ideas For Your Living Room

Color Ideas For Your Living Room

Although many homeowners think of the kitchen as the “heart of the home”, some would say that a strong contender is the living room space.  Many memories are created in a home’s living room, as people gather here regularly to relax, entertain, talk, and just enjoy this welcoming area within the home.  The color on your living room walls should be a color that compliments your lifestyle and your decorating techniques.  Whether you want a color that naturally, and easily, blends into the background, or if you want a pop of color that creates a unique and bold statement, the options are vast in paint color choices that are available to you.  Below, you will find some ideas that may interest you, when you are deciding which color to add to your own living room environment.

-Beige, cream, tan:  These color options are standards for many interior decorators.  One of these shades is predictable, easy on the eyes, and very simple to have, when creating a welcoming, cozy environment for your living room.  A shade of beige is classic and is always stylish in any home.

-Gray:  Gray shades have become more and more popular in the last several years.  It adds a bit more color, and modern appeal, than the traditional tan colors, yet it is still easy to work with and blend other colors of your choice.  Gray tends to make rooms seem more spacious and have an open-air feeling.  Many people find gray a sophisticated, clean color to work with, within their homes.

-Blue/green:  Blue has been an American favorite for a very long time, and shades of green are a close second competitor.  These colors compliment the colors of the outdoors, and many people enjoy the feeling that these colors exuberate within their homes.  There are many different shades to choose from, and depending on the setting that you wish to create, will depend on which shade works best for you.

Your living room is definitely a place where you can create your own gathering space.  Consider what type of mood you wish to exhibit, as well as the furnishings that you have, as you decide the perfect paint color choice for your own living room walls.

Creating a comfortable and welcoming living room space starts with the paint color! Contact Noel Painting today to get started on your paint project today!

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