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Colors of Nature Around Your Home

Colors Of Nature Around Your Home

Many of us are inspired by the beautiful colors that the natural areas around us has to offer.  We are attracted to the colors of a rainbow or of the multitude of colors that can be found on a clear evening at sunset.  Some of us are entranced with the colors of a particular flower or with twilight colors that pass us by so quickly, just before nightfall.  If you are a lover of the colors of nature, then it may seem natural for you to want to bring those colors into your home.  If you are looking for a paint color to use along the exterior surface of your home or on the walls of a favorite room within your house, then consider your favorite colors in nature for some unique, personal inspiration.

When considering the exterior of your home, it may be wise to take a slow, intentional walk around your property and look at all of the colors around you.  What colors stand out above the others?  Perhaps a particular plant, flower, or other landscaping feature has caught your eye.  For example, if you live in a desert area, then you may notice a lot of browns, oranges, or other rustic-toned colors.  If you live in Florida, you may be influenced by bright, sunny colors or the light tan colors of a sandy beach.  It is important for you to take notice of your surrounding areas, too, such as; your neighbors, your community, and other aesthetic areas that you need to coordinate with and provide a complimentary environment for all to enjoy.

If you are interested in bringing the beauty of nature indoors, then you can also learn a lot by walking around the premises of your home and highlighting specific colors that you wish to paint your interior surroundings.  Perhaps even take samples of your favorite colors to the paint shop with you, so you can find a close match, and you are not overwhelmed with the thousands of paint swatches that are available.

Whatever colors that you are influenced by from the nature around you, chances are quite good that you can find a paint color that is complimentary to your chosen color.  Above all, be true to yourself and to your love of nature, when you are trying to coordinate the colors of nature with that of your humble abode.

People are inspired by many different things, in this case the color or decor of your home could be based of a color you’ve seen around your property, if you would like to match a color you’ve found contact Noel Painting today!

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