Holiday Greens

Holiday Greens

Holiday Greens

Does it seem hard to believe that we are already approaching the winter season and the winter holidays? Hot summer days are gone for the year and now is the time to enjoy the activities and festivities that are associated with the cooler temperatures. If you are thinking about projects around your home that will brighten up your indoor surroundings for the winter season, then perhaps some ideal shades of green paint can help you create a crisp, welcoming feeling that you are seeking.

Green is a color that is inspired by nature, and it is also a color that is frequently used throughout the winter holiday season. Below, you will find some green paint ideas that may be useful for your next painting project, or maybe one of these will inspire you with some other beautiful shade of green.

  • Houseplant by Sherwin-Williams: This interior/exterior paint will add a brilliant pop of color wherever you want to draw the attention of the viewer. This shade of green is a mix of green, blue, and gray, and is a beautiful addition to any room within the home or on outdoor surfaces, as well.
  • Four Leaf Clover by Benjamin Moore: Four Leaf Clover is part of the company’s Classic Color Collection, and is advertised as a timeless color that will look good in almost any room in the home. This pale, almost mysterious, color adds just the right amount of green, and is a wonderful background color in a bathroom, a kitchen, a playroom, or a bedroom.
  • Azalea Leaf by Behr: This shade of green is a very subtle color. It has undertones of gray and it blends well into any home environment. Azalea Leaf works nicely on trim work, front doors, in a kitchen, a nursery, and many other places within the home.
  • Cilantro by Sherwin-Williams: This is a warm, cozy shade of green that also has gray undertones. This green color looks beautiful in the kitchen, as well as in a home office, a stairwell, and in a bedroom, too.

With so many shades of green available, it can be challenging to choose the right color; however, if you choose to paint with green, just a little bit of research can provide you with some amazing opportunities. Green is a welcoming, exciting paint color that inspires the warmth of nature and the spirit of the winter holidays.

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