Prepare Your Interior Walls for Paint

How Should You Prepare Your Interior Walls For Paint?

How Should You Prepare Your Interior Walls For Paint?

Are you preparing to touch up your home’s interior paint? Maybe you are wanting to completely re-decorate your home and are changing the color of your walls? Either way, we have compiled a list of ways to prepare your interior walls for a successful paint job.

Before diving into your paint can, ensure to carefully inspect your walls, checking for cracks, holes, dents, or other surface imperfections. If there are holes or imperfections, use a lightweight spackling compound to repair or fill them. Allow the area to dry completely before moving on to smoothing the surface with sandpaper or a sanding sponge. Ensure all repaired areas are flush with the rest of the wall’s surface. After sanding, ensure that you remove all excess dust and debris from sanding before applying any paint.

You will also want to scrape off any cracked or flaking paint.


You will want to dust and clean the walls as well. If you had to use sand paper or chip off any paint from the walls, you will want to ensure all dust and old paint are cleaned up. Dusters and vacuums work well for most surfaces, followed by a damp towel or un-colored sponge. Allow the walls time to dry before moving on.

Area Preparation

You will want to ensure you have the following materials on hand before starting your interior paint job (this will save you from having to stop painting in the middle of a room to run to the store):
– Primer
– Paint-can opener
– Stir sticks
– Roller covers
– Paintbrushes
– Paint tray
– Drop cloth
– Extension pole for roller

Lastly, remove all electrical faceplates, etc. to ensure an accurate painting job and un-touched fixtures. The items that can’t be removed, as well as all wall trim, should be covered with painter’s tape.

Preparing your interior walls for paint doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Follow this guide to help make your interior paint project a great success! Reach out to your local experts at Noel Painting for any residential painting needs. We are always here to help!

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