Black Paint in interior of your home

How to Use Black in The Interior of Your Home

You could say that black is, well, the new black! Black paint is making its way onto the trendy interior wall paint color list. It provides a large statement and can completely change the mood of a room. There are many creative ways that black makes a great color for the interior of your home! We have compiled some things to keep into consideration before taking the dive into the trend.


Where to use Black Paint

  • Use black as an accent to make it a focal point of the room. This could be an accent wall, ceiling, door, trim, built-ins, etc.
  • Full room. This means that all of the walls in a room can be painted black. This will definitely make the whole room feel cozier. Make sure that you provide a contrast to the walls by having lighter furniture, rug, curtains, etc. This will ensure that the room is balanced.


Characteristics of Black Paint

  • Black paint, just like any other black object, absorbs light. This makes it a great color for an area that has a good deal of natural light coming in.
  • As black is a darker paint color, it will cause a room to feel smaller and more “cozy.” This is true for any walls or ceilings that are painted black. With that, you may not want to paint a smaller room black, but rather one that can easily handle a smaller feeling.

Just as any other paint color, there are different hues of black paint. Some may be more slate like while some will have a deep blue undertone. Some will be more glossy and some will be more of a matte. Test it on the wall you are thinking about painting to see just how it will look before painting the entire thing. Warmer blacks pull red and brown undertones while cooler blacks pull indigo undertones such as blue. For professional assistance Noel Painting can help.

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