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Is There Such a Thing As a Perfect White Paint?

White paint comes in many different hues. Just like any other color, certain shades of white pull certain undertones when hit with light (natural or man-made). With that, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect white paint’.

When shopping for white paint, there are an incredibly large amount of options to choose from. The hue that the paint will pull all depends on its surroundings and the undertones that you pick when shopping for the paint in the first place. White paints have either warmer or cooler undertones that will impact the room’s vibe. The undertone can make all the difference on whether you have a stark or cozy room.

There are cooler toned white paints that will pull a blue tint with certain light. There are also warmer white paints with a yellow undertone under certain light. The best way to find the white that works for you is through the following steps –

  • Decide what type of mood you want this room to give off (cozy or stark).
  • Have a paint expert at your local hardware store show you the different white paint options and describe to you what color they may pull under certain light.
  • Take home samples of your top picks and paint a good sized ‘swatch’ on a wall in the room you are wanting to take white.
  • Pay attention to how the colors look at different times of the day and under different light. A shade may look beautiful when hit with natural light; however, it could look completely different and undesirable when hit with light from your lamp after the sun goes down.

Place furniture near the color. The furniture and décor in the room could also change how white paint looks. Be sure to place furniture you are wanting in your room near the large swatch on the wall to be sure that it is what you want. For a professional, get a quote from Noel Painting

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