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Ideas for Storing Your Paint Supplies

Ideas for Storing Your Paint Supplies

If you have just finished up a paint project, then you must be proud of the beautiful, crisp end results.  As you bask in the pleasure of a job well-done, you may also find yourself at wits end as to where, and how, to store all of your leftover paint supplies.  Items such as used paint cans, stir sticks, foam rollers, roller wands, painter’s tape, and paint trays are now in need of a new home.  Instead of just sticking all of your paint supplies throughout your garage, or stuffed onto a shelf somewhere in your home, you can simply organize them so they will be readily available for your next painting project.  Below, you will find some clever ideas that are meant to help you organize your paint supplies.

Let’s begin with leftover paint.  Typically, people want to keep the leftovers, in case you ever have a touchup that you need to perform, and because paint can be expensive, you may want to save the leftover paint for some other project.  If your paint can is relatively full, then ensure that the lid is sealed tightly and label your paint can with the exact color of the paint, where you used the paint within your home, and the date that it was used. 

If you find that you have just a little bit of paint left, you could pour the paint into a smaller container, such as in a glass jar or a smaller can, and label the container accordingly.  A smaller storage container will help you save valuable space.  If you have multiple paint cans or paint storage containers, then group them together, so you can locate the paint easily in the future.

For other paint supply items, such as paint rollers, painter’s tape, stir sticks, and brushes, group them together in small storage units, so you can find them easily, as well.  You could use a storage bin, a clear plastic box, magazine holders, or additional shelving structures.  They should be placed near the paint cans for long term storage, therefore allowing you to locate all of the paint supplies easily and readily, for your next painting project. 

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