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Paint Colors Similar to A Swimming Pool

Paint Colors Similar to A Swimming Pool

As the summer comes to a close, you may find yourself longing for more relaxing days on the beach or by the side of a pool.  There is nothing quite like the appeal of a crystal-blue swimming pool, inviting you to come in and splash around in the refreshing, cool water.  If you are looking for some ideas about how to prolong your fond memories of a hot summer’s day, basking in a cool swimming pool, then perhaps painting a room in your home with similar swimming pool colors will help you remember your favorite summer’s day.  Below, you will find 3 paint color ideas that may remind you of your favorite swimming hole.  Perhaps one of these color ideas will spark an interest in you, as you seek to bring the cool, blue, pool color into your home.

One such color, seemingly called Big Surf by Behr, is a beautiful shade of blue.  This bright and warm shade of blue can enhance the mood in just about any room within your home.  It works well as an accent wall, on a striped wall, or in the entirety of a room.  You can easily use this color in a bedroom, a laundry room, a playroom, or even in a dining room, where the walls will come to life with this brilliant shade of paint.

Fountain Spout by Benjamin Moore is another shade that you may enjoy.  This option is a lighter shade of pool blue than the previous choice.  The hue is creamy and subtle, and it will blend well into the background of almost any room, as well.  Due to its’ light shade, this paint color will lighten up a room and add a sense of airiness to the environment.

Lastly, perhaps you are interested in a warmer shade of blue, with a touch of green added into the mix.  If so, then Crystal Blue by Valspar may be the best option for you.  This is a warm shade of blue, similar to the appearance that can be found in some swimming pools, as well.  This color option may also be used throughout the home, and especially any where you want to add a beautiful color that warms up the immediate vicinity.

Above, you have found just a few ideas that can remind you of the beauty and serenity that you can find around a swimming pool on a hot summer’s day.  Perhaps one of these shades is the right choice for you, or at least one of them may guide your interest in investigating other paint color options.

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