Mudroom Makeovers

Mudroom Makeovers

Mudroom Makeovers

If you are a homeowner who is fortunate enough to have a mudroom, then you already know the convenience that a mudroom can provide for you and your family. A mudroom is a perfect place to lay your purse, coat, shoes, scarves, dog leashes, and anything else that you want to retrieve quickly as you walk out the door. Some mudrooms have their entryway, some double as a washer/dryer room, and some have elaborate shelves, which prove to be a great place to store your belongings. As you decide how to decorate your mudroom, you may think about the paint color to use on the walls, ceiling, cabinets, or shelves. From basic and classic colors to bold and brazen colors, the mudroom can be a great place to display your unique style and character.

If you want to keep the mudroom environment simple and minimalistic, then you may want to use white, tan, or greige paint colors in the space. All of these options provide a crisp, clean appearance, and they blend well with almost any other colors in the room. Neutral paint color is always a great option to use in a mudroom space.

Other good paint color options that are inviting and light include pale blue or earthy green. Both of these color choices resemble the color of nature and add a little more color to the room than white, tan, or greige. Light blue paint can remind a person of the blue sky on a cloudless day, while earthy green resembles plants, trees, and grasses. Paint colors that remind us of nature appear welcoming and calming in many situations.
Another nice paint color option for a mudroom is yellow paint. Yellow paint is available in a variety of shades that provide a bright, cheery appeal to a room. Sunshine yellow, gold or even light orange paint can add brilliance and style to almost any mudroom space.

A mudroom can be a wonderful addition to any home. It is a practical space that invites you to lay your stuff down and keep the rest of your home free from items that you need readily handy. With just a little bit of thought and time, you can create a mudroom space that is useful, attractive, and unique for your home.

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