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3 Blue Paint Colors

3 Blue Paint Colors

Blue is one of the most popular paint colors used by homeowners. As with any other color, blue paint is available in a wide array of shades, textures, and varieties. Blue can be a calming color option, or it can also be a bright, vibrant choice, too. If you are planning for a paint project and you’ve been looking for a blue paint to use in your home, then you may find one of the 3 blue paint colors listed below to be the choice for you!

  • Notable Hue by Sherwin-Williams: Notable Hue (SW 6521) is a cyan blue shade that can be used for interior and exterior surfaces. It is considered a medium-light shade of blue paint, and it can add significant color and dimension to almost any environment. Notable Hue is an excellent choice for a front door, den, kitchen, mudroom, and many other places within your home.
  • Cosmic Cobalt by Behr: Cosmic Cobalt(P500-7) can be used as an interior or an exterior paint. This medium-dark shade of paint is classified as a blue-magenta color. As an exterior paint, Cosmic Cobalt will be a stunning choice, while as an interior paint color, this option will add depth and confident character to any room. This paint choice will add brilliance to a bathroom, bedroom, home office, and many other places in your home.
  • Ol’ Blue Eyes by Benjamin Moore: Ol’ Blue Eyes (2064-30) is the darkest blue paint option of all 3 paints listed in this content. This color is a rich, impressive color that offers a deep, azure hue of paint. This interior/exterior paint will add definition to any surface. It will highlight the exterior walls of a building, or it will provide a stunning appearance to a den bookshelf, a bathroom, a ceiling, or almost any other area.

As you can see from the above-mentioned blue paint options, there are many places around a home where blue paint will enhance and define the space, unlike anything else. Blue is a gorgeous, popular color option that often reminds people of the blue shy, blue flowers, the blue ocean, and many other scenes throughout nature. Perhaps you will find inspiration in blue paint options, too.

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