Paint Color Trends for 2022

Paint Color Trends for 2022

Paint Color Trends for 2022

As we begin this new year, people all over the place are looking for hope, peace, and inspiration. The pandemic that we have been experiencing over the last two years has created many challenges for people. Many people find themselves searching for a sense of calmness in the settings around them. One place that you may notice an influence of peace and calmness is in the paint trends for the new year.

Paint color trends seem to be driven by the population as a whole, and by what paint companies believe is important to the consumer. This year, many paint color gurus understand the need that people have for finding calmness and serenity in their world. The paint color trends of 2022 symbolize peace, creativity, and inspiration.

One of the main color trends this year includes green shades of paint. From sage-colored paint to emerald green shades, almost all of the major paint companies are showcasing green paint as a popular choice this year. Sage green resembles the soft colors that can be found in nature, such as on plants, shrubs, trees, and grasses. Emerald green shades provide a vivacious color that promotes newness, depth, and rejuvenation. The color green is known to exuberate feelings of peace and calmness and is a great color trend after a couple of difficult years.

Yellow is another popular paint color trend for 2022. Yellow paint shades have come and gone over the years, but they are making a strong comeback this year. Yellow, especially a warm, buttery shade of yellow, helps add character and casualness to a room. Many homeowners are choosing to use yellow within their homes as a way to brighten up the space and create a place that is cheerful and uplifting.

Another trend that is routinely popular is the natural paint shades of earthy tones. Earthy-toned paint colors, such as tan, pale blue, sage green, creamy yellow, and warm orange can be a beautiful, welcoming addition to almost any room within your home. Earthy-toned, neutral paint colors also blend well with a variety of décor ideas and styles. 2022 is a year that holds promise for a bright future and for pleasant things to come. May we all experience promising days and peaceful times ahead of us.

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