Winter White

Winter White

Winter White

The color of winter white is often described as an off-white color that is not a stark, true white. Typically, winter white has undertones of ivory, cream, or gray and is similar to an ecru-like color. If you are planning a new paint project and you are looking for a winter white paint that will highlight the walls of your home or the trim in a room, then you may want to consider some of the color options that we have listed below. Of course, off-white paint colors vary immensely, but one of the paint options listed below may just be the color you want for your paint project.

One of the most popular winter white paint colors is called Alabaster and is made by the Sherwin Williams paint company. Alabaster (SW7008) was the company’s Color of the Year for 2016 and has remained trendy since that time. Professional decorator, Joanna Gaines, often uses Alabaster in home renovation projects she works on and, reportedly, she uses this paint shade in her own home, too. Alabaster is well-known for being a versatile, attractive paint color that promotes a soothing, clean atmosphere. It has also been dubbed “the best warm white of all time.”

Another winter white option is called Melting Icicles by the Behr paint company. Melting Icicles (BWC-20) is a putty-colored white that provides a light and airy feeling in almost any room. It is white paint that has gray undertones, and it blends nicely with a variety of other colors within a room. 

The last winter white paint that we will mention is called Winter White by Benjamin Moore. Winter White (BM 2140-70) is described as a “crisp, cool white that lets colors jump and grays stay true to their base.” Winter White is part of Behr’s Off-White Collection. This particular paint color looks appealing in a home that has a modern flair, and it provides a clean, calming influence in the setting of choice.

As you begin your research for the perfect winter white paint color, you will find that the options are vast and the colors are subtlety different. You may want to take a swatch of various paint options home and compare them with other colors within the room that you plan to paint. As you will see, not all winter white paint colors are the same color. 

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