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Painting Your Window Frames In The Fall

Painting Your Window Frames In The Fall

     Fall is a perfect time of year to inspect the windows on your home and decide if they are in need of a painting project, or not.  Summer has been especially warm this year, and the summer heat, along with the intense sunlight that we are known for, has been known to wreak havoc on our local building materials.  You may find that if the wood around your windows has become too dry, then it will crack and leave the wood open to water and moisture invasion.  Eventually, this can lead to dry rot of the wood, and extensive dry rot can quickly become a massive, expensive repair project.  In order to prevent dry rot from occurring in the wood around your windows, it is wise to inspect them on a regular basis, and the fall is the perfect time of year for a thorough inspection.

     It is vital for the wood around your windows to have a layer of paint or stain on it, in order to seal the wood completely, and keep moisture out of the wood.  Simply repainting, and priming, the window trim, sills, or window casing is the best way to seal the wooden structures and provide for the best weather resistant environment for them.  Not only will a thorough painting job help to protect the wood, but fresh paint will also spruce up the curb appeal of your home and help maintain your home’s value, as well.

     If you make the decision to repaint the wood around your windows this year, then your next step is to decide which color to paint them.  Perhaps you already have a classic color that you love, and buying new paint of the same color is your plan, or perhaps this is an opportunity to try something new and different with your chosen paint color.  Either way, your local paint supply shop will have many varieties for you to choose from, or you can also find some paint ideas online, too.  One thing is for sure, and that is that you will be able to rest easily knowing that you have inspected the wood around your windows thoroughly and made the best decision, in order to protect your home in an optimal fashion. Call Noel Painting to get started on your project!

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