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Removing Paint Fumes By Using Common Household Items

Removing Paint Fumes By Using Common Household Items

Painting the interior areas of your home is a time-consuming project, but it can have some significant, beautiful advantages.  There is nothing like new paint on your walls to spruce up a room or transform the setting into something of your dreams.  One of the only negatives to painting, though, can be a lingering paint fume smell, after the paint project is completed.  Some odors can last for several days, especially if you have used an oil-based paint for the painting project.  Below, you will find some simple tricks that may hep you rid your home of these bothersome paint fume smells.  Common household items are our choice picks, and you may find one, or more, of these will do the trick for you!

-Candles:  Whether you use scented candles or ones that are odor-eliminating candles, you can rid your home of paint smell more quickly when you light one or two of these for a while.  Always remember to stay within close range when candles are burning.

-Onions:  As crazy as it might sound, odor-filled onions can help to absorb the odor that is present in your newly painted room.  Slice the onion in half and place the pieces into bowls that are slightly filled with water.  Leave the onions in the painted room for several hours, or overnight.  The onions will absorb the paint fumes gradually.  You will need to throw the onions away when you are done with them, because they will have absorbed chemicals from the paint fumes, and they are not suitable for consumption.

-Baking Soda:  This common household item works wonders when it comes to soaking up unpleasant odors, hence the reason so many people keep baking soda boxes inside their refrigerators.  If the painted room is carpeted, you may sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and leave it for several hours, or overnight.  The baking soda will absorb the lingering paint fumes, and you can vacuum the carpet and remove the baking soda when done.  You can also place bowls of baking soda around the painted room and leave them for several hours, in order for the dry baking soda to soak up the paint fumes. Call Noel Painting to get started on your project!

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