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Southwestern Inspired Paint Colors

Southwestern-Inspired Paint Colors

If you have traveled to the southwestern parts of the United States, or if you have seen photos or films that highlight the southwestern areas, then you are familiar with the iconic colors that often represent the region. Natural colors such as the orange in the clay dirt, tan in the desert sand, green of the cacti plants, or brilliant colors of the sunset often fill visions of what the American southwest looks like to many people. The beautiful colors that are associated with this area are unlike colors that are found anywhere else, especially in such a concentrated region. If you are a fan of the colors that are linked to this area of our country, then you may want to add some of these colors to your home.

If you are interested in some attractive orange-inspired paint colors, then you might like: King Salmon by Behr (M180-5), Cultured Rose by Dunn-Edwards (DE5123), Dash of Curry by Behr (M170-6), or Million Dollar Red by Benjamin Moore (2003-10). All of these options can add definition and warmth to a room in your home. They range from soft, rose-colored options to bright, copper-colored varieties.

If copper or orange are not the colors for you, then perhaps a lighter tan or brown color may be the pick for you. Some recommendations include; Deer Path (1047) by Benjamin Moore, Maplewood (1133) by Benjamin Moore, or Westhighland White (SW7566) by Sherwin-Williams. These options may look nice on the walls in your home or along the baseboards, trim, and other outlining surfaces, too.

Green is another popular color that resembles the colors of the American southwest. If you are searching for natural shades of green paint, then you may be interested in Rosepine (461) by Benjamin Moore, Graceful Green (DE6284) by Dunn-Edwards, or Rocky River (SW6215) by Sherwin-Williams. All of these options reflect the beautiful colors that can be seen in plants throughout the southwest, as well as in the soothing colors in the sunset.

The southwestern states of the U.S. offer unique and spectacular landscapes and natural areas for anyone to enjoy. The area is different than other parts of the world and is appreciated by people all over the place. If you enjoy the colors of the region, then bringing those colors into your home may be a wonderful option for you.


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